The Chronicles of Dia & Spora

Everybody has a link to someone or the other who emigrated to the UK, US or somewhere 'abroad' in the last 60 years or so... It could be you, of course, your parents or grandparents, school or work mate, teacher, neighbour, tenant, client, your builder or his nan... or his nanny... It could be a faint or loose link, but somewhere, somehow, it's there... And as that is indeed the case, The Chronicles of Dia & Spora are therefore for everybody really.

Essentially, it's about two lady friends who've lived in London, UK, for a good few years. Originally from West Africa, as you turn the pages and 'listen' to them and a few of the people in their lives over a year, you'll hopefully get to see and understand where they're really from, and have a chuckle now and again as you do so; God knows we could all do with a chuckle.

Among other things, for some it'll be a trip down a few memory (and contemporary) lanes, for others a look into, and hopefully an appreciation of, another set of cultures.

The Chronicles have been described as a witty, funny, smooth, insightful page-turner, historical in it's own right, and a 'must read' with unisex appeal, so it's not just for the ladies. So if you're looking for something a little 'different' to read, or perhaps you're looking for a Christmas or birthday present, then trust me, you can't go wrong here. Go on... risk it...

426 pages
ISBN 9781739900007

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