Facial Exfoliating Tool & free gift/BLACKHEADS, LIP EXFOLIATOR


Product specifications: 14. 51.51cm

Product Features: Lip exfoliator and Massage relieves blackheads

Soft silicone material

Silicone Multifunction Wash Face Exfoliating Brush Clean Lip Brush Beauty Pores Cleansing Blackhead tool.

Apply balm and gently exfoliate lips with the silicone exfoliating brush using the side with the thin bristles in a circular motion then wipe clean with a tissue or clean flannel for a soft, smooth and fuller lips.

For facial massage use the Nodule side (round bristles), which improves blood circulation and make your skin and lips healthier. You can also use it on the nose to remove blackheads, dead and dry skin.

Warning: Do not use if you are allergic to silicon and Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) rubbers.

Keep away from baby and children to prevent choking and swallowing.