‘Island skin’ face scrub duo

Island skin face scrub and face moisturiser duo.

Island skin face scrub will help to
Eliminate dark marks
Brighten up the skin
Exfoliate away dead and dry skin
Renew skin surface
Even out skin tone

Island skin face moisturiser will help to
Lock in moisture
Continue to help eliminate dark marks
Soften the skin
Relieve dry skin
Add natural vitamins back into the skin

Island skin duo is made only using natural ingredients.

Face scrub contains
•Soft brown sugar
•Coconut sugar
•Ground coffee
•Essential oil blend
•Carrot oil
•Dried calendula

Face moisturiser contains
•Shea butter
•Raw cocoa butter
•Rosehip oil
•Apricot oil

Face scrub is available with or without coffee, so please state when ordering which one you would prefer.