Customized Earrings in different styles.
All come Double sided
1. Pick your shape circle, diamond, heart
or oval all size 6cm
2. Pick your Size for only the circle shape
Comes in sizes 5cm, 6cm, or 7cm
3. Pick your style Clip ons or hooks
4. Email me your order with your
chosen design
5. I will send out a payment

6. Prices range £7 -£9
7. Shipping price can go up it depends
on the weight
8. Deals on Bundles of earrings
•I've added a few pictures of what I've
done already
Email =
Please note the delivery time for customised Earrings is 2 to 3weeks
I will send you a picture of your order to confirm
I will email you when you're order arrives
Message me or email me for any enquiries thankyou