Sweet Orange & Zesty Grapefruit Scented Candle

Have you ever walked through an orange grove in the southern Spanish gardens of Seville and Cordoba? The smell is divine at once slightly earthy but sweet and delicate, it is hard to resist grabbing one of the beautiful fruits straight from the tree. Creating this candle I decided to add a little spice to compliment that sweet irresistible scent of natural orange oils to give a perfume that is filled with fresh and sweet notes of citrus but with a warm comforting undertone that only spice can bring.
Every candle is created with all my love, care and attention to detail and is hand decorated with dried orange pieces and
zest. All candles our eco-friendly and created with fair trade materials our suitable for vegans and entirely cruelty free

Height 6.5 cm
Width 7.7 cm
Weight 250 ml