Microblading and Scalp-Micropigmentation

At Bespoke Brows and Scalp we offer a specialised semi-permanent service that is tailored to your Eyebrow and Scalp requirements. Ideal for those suffering from hair loss or thinning eyebrows.

Microblading eyebrow treatment

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution to thin or sparse Eyebrows. Over the years, Eyebrows have become a very big deal! They are a defining facial feature and can make or break your overall look. Your brows accentuate your eyes and if shaped correctly can play a part in making them appear wider, lifted and alert and dare I say it...more youthful. The process of Microblading uses a hand-held tool to etch individual hair strokes into the brow, whilst simultaneously implanting pigment into the skin. The results are a full and defined brow lasting up to 18 months. The hair stroke design ensures the final look of the brows have a natural appearance. It is a tailored treatment, and together, with your requirements and your Microblading technicians skills you will have brows perfectly designed to suit your facial features. This treatment is £300 which covers two treatments.

Benefits of Microblading:
● Reshaping/balancing the eyebrows
● Reconstructing over-plucked eyebrows
● Redefining eyebrows, particularly after injury or surgery
● Camouflaging scars and burns
● Producing a fuller/longer eyebrow look
● Adding body and colour
● No smudging or smearing
● People who have sensitive skin or allergies to cosmetics and makeup
● People with poor eyesight and have problems applying makeup without glasses
● Hair loss or lack of hair in the eyebrows either due to chemotherapy or

● Physical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, arthritis or stroke survivors that prevent
them from applying makeup
● Personal confidence
● Time saving
● Relatively quick treatment
● Natural looking eyebrows

Scalp Micro-pigmentation treatment

Scalp micro-pigmentation is a solution to improve the appearance of hair loss. Hair loss can have such negative affect on your confidence and can be quite ageing. Scalp micro-pigmentation is a relatively simple solution when compared to alternative hair loss treatments. It is a specialised technique of tattooing the scalp to imitate the hair follicles. It can give the appearance of full hair growth coverage in the style of a shaved haircut. It can also be used to densify thinning areas on any length hair and can be used to restore the hairline. This treatment is suitable for both Male and Female clients.

For male clients we will discuss if we can use the treatment to add density to the thinning area, or if we advise you to shave your head into a short style to improve the overall look. This is usually necessary when the thinning area has gone past a certain level of hair loss. We will also examine the hairline to see if it requires enhancing.
For our female clients we will examine to see if you hair follows the natural female hair loss pattern, or to determine if there is hair loss around the hair line, generally due to traction alopecia.
Your finish result can last from 1-3 years and with further top up treatments it can last up to 5 years. This treatment is priced on consultation.

Benefits of Scalp micro-pigmentation:

Visible, instant results after one treatment.
No surgery involved
A complimentary to hair transplant.
Creates the illusion of thicker hair
Suitable for people with alopecia
Suitable for scar coverage
Restoring the receding hairline
Male and Female pattern baldness
Disguising bald patches