Pair of Crystal Candle For Happiness & Relaxation

A beautiful pair of mini gold tin crystal candles. This set contains 2 candles one for happiness and one for relaxation. Each candle has been carefully crafted and contains essential oils and crystals to help enhance the energy of the candles.

Relaxation Candle
This candle contains lavender and chamomile essentials blended into a coconut and rapeseed oil wax and topped with a howlite crystal.
This blend is the perfect aid for relaxation and can also be burned before bedtime to aid in a peaceful nights sleep. Howlite is a crystal of calmness and has a beautiful soft energy. It can relieve stresses and anxiety.

The Happiness Candle
This cheerful little candle contains orange and passionfruit essential oils and is toped with hibiscus and a yellow jasper tumble stone. Sweet orange has the ability to boost mood whilst passionfruit is known for its healing abilities and can offer a shield. Yellow Jasper is a cheerful yellow stone that channels happiness and positivity to its owner and can protect against negativity. This blend is sure to create a happy and harmonious energy within your home.

Set of 2
Approx. 6.5cm x 5.5cm
Candles are made using a coconut and rapeseed blend wax and are suitable for vegans.

Never leave candles burning unattended. Please take care when burning, place on flat fire proof surface away from obstructions and flammable items.