Melanin Playing Cards

This deck of playing cards support diversity. There are 54 cards including 2 Jokers. The playing cards come packed and sealed with a glossy finish of great quality.

The Genesis edition deck of playing cards is a uniquely designed set of collectable playing cards. The vibrant colourful picture cards have black Kings, Queens and Jacks of different shades of brown..

These unique set of cards incorporate the island of Jamaica or the continent of Africa which is engraved into the clubs, spades and heart using a Gold outline.

Africa is the home of gold, diamonds and riches, and in the beginning, there were many black kings and queens. The Genesis edition was created to reflect this as modern media, films and TV, depict a picture of black history starting in slavery days.

The Genesis edition poker sized playing cards are great for all the family to enjoy as well as for professional use. They make a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day and other special occasions.