Whipped body butter 150ml

My handmade whipped body butter, filled with natural ingredients to nourish your skin, it’s texture is also creamy so it melts onto the skin.

Ingredients in my whipped body butter

* Seamoss
* Shea butter
* Grapeseed oil
* Apricot kernel oil
* Avocado butter
* Mango butter

which have many benefits for your skin ranging from...
* Reducing flare ups from skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis
* Soothes dry skin
* Help to diminish the appearance of dark spots
* Gives an even skin tone
* Restores and locks in moisture to the skin.
Also these ingredients contain many vitamins and antioxidants which are beneficial to the skin such as
* Magnesium (from seamoss)
* Iron (from seamoss)
* Zinc (from seamoss)
* Potassium (from seamoss)
* Vitamin A and K (from seamoss)
* Vitamin A & E (from Shea butter)

Please state when ordering, Which scent you would like.
Available in the following scents
•Tom Ford Lost Cherry
•Tom Ford ‘F’ Fabulous
•Tom Ford oud wood (men’s)
•La vie est belle
•Le Male (men’s)
•Creed Aventus (men’s)
•Bacarat rouge
•Flower bomb
•Ghost sweetheart
•Coconut passion
•Black amber and lavender
•Baby powder
•Unicorn sparkle
•Unicorn Dreams
•Berry burst
•Juicy fruit
•Rainbow kiss
•Candy floss

Colour: Natural