Natural St.Lucian Cocoa Sticks and 2oz Tubs

This natural Cocoa, (Coco), is widely used through out the Caribbean regions,

This product is made by a local St.Lucian woman named Windy from my home village Dennery, on the East coast of St.Lucia.
The Cocoa is shipped directly from St.Lucia.

As well as Cocoa, Windy adds other spices to the mixture, such as nutmeg, and star anise. This is just what we need in the mornings to keep us going in the U.K. Cocoa is full of natural fats, which the body can work with.

How to use
(1): Bring to a simmering boil, 1 cup of condense sweet milk, 1 cup of evaporated milk, 1 1/2 cups of water, the rind of a lemon, or lime. Keep it all natural by adding either, brown sugar to the mix, or honey once throughly boiled.
(2): Add 2-4 tablespoons of cocoa to the simmering liquid.
(3): boil on low for 15-20 mins.
(4) Once boiled strain through a strainer, into your favourite mug.
(5): Relax on the sofa, or in bed and think of your favourite Caribbean Island.

Due to the Pandemic, the restrictions, and curfews, imposed by the Saint Lucian Government it’s been really hard for the local sellers on the island to make a little change. I’ve been here since Nov 2019, and the impact has be been for me overwhelming, and I find myself always asking, how do they manage? But mange they do, and every day they always have a positive vibe about them.

You will be receiving the item in its natural/ raw form
I just wanted to support her cause guys.

Thank you in advance for the space to share this, and any future purchases.

Colour: Natural Brown