Rose Hibiscus Tea Bomb

These beautifully hand made rose hibiscus tea bombs offer a tasty infusion blend. The bombs are carefully created to make a well balanced cup of tea, with the bold citrusy flavours of dried orange peels and ginger which accentuates the subtle floral flavours of the rosehip and sorrel (hibiscus). As the boiling water hits the isomalt casing, it melts into your tea cup, releasing all the flavours combined and lightly sweetens the tea. No sugar needed, but you may add to taste if preferred. Great for gifts or afternoon teas.


INGREDIENTS: Sorrel flower (Hibiscus), Rosehip, Orange peel, Dried Ginger & Isomalt.

HOW TO USE: Add bomb to 500ml of boiling water and leave to brew for 5-8 minutes. Add sugar or sweetener if desired, but not needed. Once brewed, stir, strain into cup & enjoy.

One bomb makes 2 cups of tea.
Sourced responsibly in the UK. Suitable for Vegans.

Colour: red, pink