Hair growth Bundle/ Chebe hair care

Miniature Bundle (60 ml)
Chebe hair growth and restore oil
Hair Moisturizer with Chebe
Chebe - Onion Deep Conditioner
Chebe edge booster (hair loss booster)
Detangler brush

Also available is the Deluxe Bundle ( mixture of 60ml, 120 & 150 ml jars) £45

Send us a message if you would like a Deluxe Bundle.

                   Hair Moisturizer with Chebe  

This moisturizer will keep your hair moisturized for days in between wash days. You can use it on your protective stylings. Try not to comb your hair often when using the Chebe Moisturizer butter.

                  Hair Growth and Restore oil  

Full of herbs and natural oils such as castor oil. Use as desired.

                   Chebe - Onion Deep Conditioner  

Our Chebe-Onion Deep Conditioner is excellent for healthy hair growth & length retention! This pH balanced deep conditioner cleanses the scalp, moisturizes and nourishes the hair follicles to grow long.

Loaded with scalp stimulants, this goodie will improve scalp circulation, reduce scalp inflammation and overall aid in supreme healthy hair growth!

                                Edge booster  

Formulated with a few secret ingredients.
Grow your edges back with our Chebe and herbs edge salve.

Chebe hair cream is for people who suffer with hair loss and length retention. It is formulated with ingredients to help lessen hair loss as well as help with hair growth.

SHEA BUTTER filled with vitamins and essential fatty acids, Shea butter helps to increase shine and reduce frizz. SHEA BUTTER helps to lock in moisture as well as protect hair strands.

CASTOR OIL: "made up of the fatty acid ricinoleic acid, this stimulates the Prostaglandin E2 receptor, leads to blood vessel dilation. When applied to the scalp, increased blood vessel dilation increases the flow of oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich blood to the powerhouse of your follicle, the dermal papilla, or the root of the hair."

                          Detangling brush 

Hair Scalp Massage Comb Detangle Hair brush Wet Curly Hair Brush DIY Salon Hairdressing Styling Tools

Round hair teeth can massage your head,
Eight-claw comb teeth, rebound, comfortable for scalp.
The curved comb fits the scalp to make more comfortable.
Hollow comb design, more flexible for fast drying hair and styling.