Plantain Herbal Healing Salve

Plantain Herbal Healing Salve


Extra Virgin Olive oil, bees wax, plantain leaves, no added chemicals, palm oil free and no filters. No essential oils.

Broadleaf, or Greater Plantain (plantago major)
Known as Snakeweed because of its abilities to draw poison from a wound.

Apply to cuts, scrapes, acne, and bites to reduce inflammation and promote healing.
Grazes, scratches and small cuts. For skin diseases that result in scrofula or eczema
If the skin is not oily, you can use the ointment. topically to affected areas.

SKIN IRRITATIONS: For irritated and troubled skin - acne, boils, purulent wounds, varicella, wounds, warts, eczema, scab, rashes and inflamed skin.

PROTECTS THE SKIN: It is used to protect the skin of the hands and face from low temperatures in winter. Rough or cracked skin, Softens and heals scabs. Dry, chapped skin.

This is what it gets used for in our family:
Antibacterial and Anti-fungal
Flea, horsefly or mosquito bites
Stinging nettle stings
Spider bites
On pets, if they have scabs, small sores or irritated skin.