Baby Eczema Balm/ cream/ ointment

Comfrey root
Linseed oil

Eczema (dry)
Sore nipples
Nappy rash
Poison ivy
Soothes inflamed surfaces
Bruises and swellings.
Good to have on hand at all times.

Supporting your little one’s skin health in fighting off unwanted skin issues, the balm contains only the purest ingredients to help protect the skin’s natural oils and retain moisture for longer.

Comfrey: It is a great cell proliferant or new cell grower, it grows new flesh and bone alike.
Comfrey will heal anything quickly. It's an astringent, anti-inflammatory and very soothing.

All natural herbs , an old ancient recipe.
This balm is for children/babies/ newborns with eczema and sensitive skin.

CuddleZ Baby Balm contains a blend of natural Beeswax and calming virgin organic Hemp Oil, Comfrey and Marigold which soothes, protects, and helps prevent nappy rash.

100% natural
Purest Ingredients
Ideal gift for new parents
Support the development of optimal skin health
Contains no artificial colouring or fragrance oils
Definitely not tested on animals.

Sensitive skin baby balm is Free from; sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, caustics and glycols. Its also free from artificial fragrances and preservatives.

Wash hands before application and apply on clean skin.
Use a pea size amount on and around the affected area.

Salves are made to order so that it can be fresh and last longer.

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