Goddess Cleanse & Protect Ritual Set

Goddess Cleanse & Protect Ritual Set
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Set Includes:
Divine Goddess Smoulder - Natural Incense
Divine Goddess Shell - Incense Dish
Beginners Chakra Set
Divine Goddess Smoulder includes all natural ingredients:

*The popular White Sage for removing negativity, spiritual cleansing and empowerment.
*Rose Petals to bring love into your space and increase spiritual attunement.
*Mugwort improve the autonomic nervous system and induce relaxation.
*Lastly, Frankincense helps reduce stress and anxiety but also a powerful antiseptic; it is used to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Natural Incense for home scent, spiritual cleansing, home cleansing and crystal cleansing.

Make sure your space is ventilated.
Do Not leave unattended if still burning.
Do Not purchase if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
Divine Goddess Shell

Beautiful naturally occurring shell.

This is to be used with the Divine Goddess Smoulder for incense burning.
Beginners Chakra Set Includes:
7 Crystals - Size roughly 10 - 20mm

Clear Quartz for the Crown Chakra - Master Healer used to transmit, store, receive and amplify energy. Channels energy and focuses the mind. Energises all chakras. Helps promote healing and harmony.

Amethyst for the Third Eye - Stone of meditation and spiritual guidance. Enhances the connection with the cosmic force. Balances emotional, physical and mental.

Sodalite for the Throat Chakra - Good for boosting self-esteem and trust. Calming and can help with confusion and fear.

Green Aventurine for the Heart Chakra - Helps with yin yang balance. Protects, calms and soothes emotions.

Tiger Eye for the Solar Plexus Chakra - Promotes positive attitude and joy. Attracts wealth and success.

Carnelian for the Sacral Chakra - Energy boosting, gives vitality and enhances sexual/creative energy.

Red Jasper for the Root Chakra - Offers protection, grounding and support with health.