Elegant Energised Shungite pendant with Ankh

Elegant Energised Shungite pendant. Protection from EMF radiation, geopathic stress, evil eye, negative energy and any other form of negativity. A powerful purification stone.

The positive vibrations of the stone will help you deal with mood swings, low feeling and increase productivity. Relieve stress, tension and fatigue. Shungite improves mental clarity, and purifies emotions and intentions.

Wearing the pendant close to the heart and lungs will help stimulate cardiovascular, respiratory systems and also improve blood circulation and normalise blood pressure.

Shungite will balance, activate and cleanse the root chakra. The root chakra is linked to the earth, stability, safety and everything that is supposed to be solid ie family, marriage, beliefs.
Shungite & Ankh Pendent on waxed Faux leather chain - £12