Ashari Shea - Coconut Hair Mayonnaise

This beautifully blended hair moisturiser will make your babies hair feel moisturised and nourished.

You can literally apply from the root all the way to the tips of the hair.

It smells gorgeous and really gives your babies hair the moisture it needs.

All the ingredients are great for young hair and has no added parabens or preservatives. It's all natural and available for everyone to use.

The blend of coconut, olive and castor oil with shea butter and Jamaican Castor oil gives your babies hair some great moisture and shine.

Although, it's made for babies, everybody can use it.

We recommend using from 3 months + and applying for every style and every 2 days if in cainrows. (We also have a growth oil which is perfect to apply when it cainrows and protective styles.

It comes in 125ml which is great for home, their baby bag and also to leave some at the grandparents house.
Just tell them to leave it alone, and butter off, it's for the baby!!

Please also check out the rose body butter ideal for babies young skin.

Purchase all 3 Ashari Shea Products as a bundle