Divine Goddess V Steam - Yoni Steam

Divine Goddess V Steam likened to well known Yoni Steam, with lovingly chosen all natural ingredients to help you relax, cleanse and detox your goddess centre.

Vaginal steaming is an old sacred natural practice to cleanse the vagina, uterus and support regular menstruation, ease period cramps, bloating and also known to support increasing natural fluids. It is believed to have an emotional and spiritual impact upon healing a Goddess’s sacral centre. The aromatherapy effect created can help de-stress and relax not only the Goddess centre but also the mind, body and soul. Natural herb-infused steam is directed into the vagina with the benefits of the ingredients listed below.

Ingredients include:

Rose Petals & Buds with its beautiful smell initiates the well needed relaxing, cleansing and skin softening qualities necessary.
Lavender with its divine smell helps support healing and promotes menstrual flow.
Mugwort helps fight infection, balances hormones and stimulates hormones that support uterine health.
Hibiscus encourages increase moisture by supporting the body’s ability to properly recycle fluids so that you stay hydrated.
Rosemary aromatic smell and properties supports with antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and speeds up wound healing.
Raspberry Leaf helps to tone uterine muscles while supporting the replenishing of blood loss during menstruation.

Total: 50g x 4 Steams

Directions for use:
Add a palmful of ingredients to a suitable bowl and cover with boiling water. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to steep and cool slightly before standing or squatting over the bowl with a towel over lower half, creating a tent to maximise the benefits of the steam infusion. Your homemade steam session should last between 20 - 60 mins depending on how long you desire and the strength of the steam.

Please note:
Avoid V Steam when you are pregnant, after ovulation when attempting to conceive, when bleeding heavily, during your period, if you have an acute infection, if you have vaginal sores/blisters and if you have an IUD fitted. This product is only for external use.