This is a herbal skin oil that can be used from head to toe.

Body Glow Oil is infused with Natural Herbs and Essential oils.

It is made from multiple fruit extracts that act as quality elements for a glowing, smoother and well protected skin.

It will help fade sun spot, reduce wrinkle and fine line formation. It is easy to moisturize and absorbs well leaving the skin silky and healthy glow.

It nourishes the skin more deeply and anti-aging.


Apply on a damp or wet skin and massage all over the entire body in circular motions to soften dull mature dry skin and lock in moisture after shower or bath. You can also add this oil to your day to day cream.

Use twice daily or as needed throughout the day for a radiant glow

Best for all skin types


Almond Oil

Sunflower Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Essential Oils

Colour: CLEAR