Charity from A-Prince

Azari Prince aged 6. He has a very big heart and has always been interested in helping the less fortunate. Azari has been asking for a while to open his own charity to help homeless and at-risk adults. His long term goal is to help build housing for the homeless and young adult with nowhere to live, such as a self-contained complex that can be split into two. That is in the future, as for now, he wants to be able to help an existing company with funding. Every 3 months we want to take a small percentage of the money raised and donate it to a family in need to help with whatever is needed at the time.

It started when he turned 5 on his birthday he asked me if he could go and feed the homeless for his birthday. So I contacted his aunty that I knew does that from time to time and she was able to bring us so he could feed the homeless for his birthday. After that, he wanted to go every week but down to my work pattern, I could only take him once in a while. For Christmas he asked to go again which we did. Every week since he has asked me if he could start his charity. So here we are launching on his 6th birthday one year later.