Pure Suave by Mood Seasons 15ml perfume oil product

A perfect scent for a man trying to stand out from the crowd. At first glance its ingredients look familiar enough, but it's the lovely ingenious blend which makes this scent so unique in its own right. A peppery citrus opening is immediately mixed in with floral violet to cause straight confusion upon first sniff. And just when you find your bearings, nutmeg and rose take you down a deeper path. Familiar base notes maintain the suave factor with the additional Vetiver excitement to make things a little more interesting. Dress to impress with this one, OR THE SCENT WILL WEAR YOU!

See pictures for more details on Fragrance notes used!

Beautifully scented fragrances, scented to reflect how your mood, or how you want to feel.

They come in our gorgeous Bamboo Bottles crafted with luxury in mind, to contain the detailed fragrance notes which take over once applied.

Our scented oils are extremely versatile and can be used on skin, hair as well as oil diffusers to alleviate the room's aroma.

Colour: Bamboo Bottle