Mountain Peak by Mood Seasons 10ml perfume oil product

As one of the most potent scents in our collection, Mood Seasons urges you to take care in using this scented 'weapon of mass destruction'. Quite uniquely, the Galbanum and Musk base note presence can be felt throughout, with bergamot and Mandarin flavourings acting merely as silencers. The blackcurrant and tea bullets take their turns in delivering its authoritative projection, which is sure to make heads turn everywhere you go. Sandalwood? - Absolutely! This is the one for attention seekers!

See pictures for more details on Fragrance notes used!

Beautifully scented fragrances, scented to reflect how your mood, or how you want to feel.

They come in our gorgeous Bamboo Bottles crafted with luxury in mind, to contain the detailed fragrance notes which take over once applied.

Our scented oils are extremely versatile and can be used on skin, hair as well as oil diffusers to alleviate the room's aroma.

Colour: Bamboo Bottle