Lannister by Mood Seasons 10ml perfume oil product

Mood Seasons expands on this Fresh explosion of elegance with a particular emphasis on its sensual dry-down. The sandalwood and vanilla base notes maintain a classy manly focal-point, while its top citrus notes divert your attention to a natural beauty, prompting an appreciation of your surroundings. Rose and Patchouli dominate for long periods of time, periodically unleashing rays of Jasmine sunshine enshrouded within a mysterious Musky coating. A Lannister always pays its debts - And this scent pays for itself!

See pictures for more details on Fragrance notes used!

Beautifully scented fragrances, scented to reflect how your mood, or how you want to feel.

They come in our gorgeous Bamboo Bottles crafted with luxury in mind, to contain the detailed fragrance notes which take over once applied.

Our scented oils are extremely versatile and can be used on skin, hair as well as oil diffusers to alleviate the room's aroma.

Colour: Bamboo Bottle