Sista Shea Butter

Greetings! My name is Alinah and I'm co-creator of Sista Shea ("Shay") Butter.

As a Bri'ish woman of African-Caribbean descent, living in a hard water area and in a cold climate, I know it can be challenging for us to achieve glowing skin. Growing up in the UK and spending long periods in the Caribbean and west Africa, I became increasingly aware that we are often sold mass-produced chemically preserved lotions and haircare treatments formulated in far-away factories.

Providing my community with honest, simple and authentic skincare is what keeps me smiling! We deserve better.

Experimenting with blending Shea butter, I completed a course in Natural Skincare formulation to further my technical knowledge.

Working from my home environment and operating a small-scale production is how I ensure high quality control while using cosmetic industry best practices.

I select premium quality Shea butter as the main ingredient because it is long known for its skin softening, soothing and healing benefits alongside its youth retaining properties.

Keeping it simple, I blend with:

• Coconut oil, well-known for its penetrating and hydrating effects and helps with anti-ageing and eczema.
• Rich in vitamin C and A, mango seed butter delays wrinkles, is an effective treatment of bites, while firming skin and healing scars.
• Lime essential oil with its mood-lifting scent, antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties aids the removal of blemishes and scars.

Compliment your self-care practice today and benefit from SSB authentic premium Shea Butter blends and receive optimal health benefits when you nourish yourself on the inside as well as the out!

• Softens skin

• Cruelty-free

• For the whole family
• Simple ingredients

• Pro-People

• Made with loving intention
• Smooth consistency

• Free from harmful chemicals

• Great for massage

• Reduces the appearance of scars
• Evens skin tone
• Defines afro and coily hair - great for locs retwist!

• Brightens glow

Sista Shea Butter is the blend that you deserve. Compliment your self-care practice, with honest ingredients, simple blends and authentic Shea butter, the real Ghana gold, handmade by sisters working in pro-people co-operatives in Tamale and blended with care by a cottage industry Sista from London.

I create two blends; Shea Butter whipped with Coconut and Shea Butter whipped with Mango Seed Butter and lime essential oil. Both for hair and body. Fulljoy!
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Greetings, I've just received it, thank you! Can't wait to cover myself in it ;)

Beautiful offering from Sista Shea Butter, I got the items in good time and they had clearly been sent with care and attention to detail. Sista Shea Butter definitely cares for the community who are using the product, and my sensitive skin is a fan of the Shea butter creations!

H P about listing Sista Shea Butter whipped with coconut 3 months ago.