Dance Aerobics & Muscle Building Classes!

TMooreFitness was founded and is run by Thanyia Moore.

Thanyia is known primarily as an actress, comedian, writer and presenter from London who has been invited to speak on current affairs on Channel 4, BBC Radio London and Talkradio.

Her credits include BAFTA winning Jamie Johnson (CBBC), Pure (Channel 4/Netflix), BBC Quickies, Kathryn Ryan’s Duchess (Netflix) as well as multiple short comedy films., her love for Fitness and Personal Training however has always been a running theme throughout her life and career, having done Athletics, Dance (becoming a World Hip Hop Champion in 2005 with her dance group, Plague), Karate, Boxing and Capoiera for many years. 

It is her mission to connect the mind and body through fun workouts. Thanyia focuses on creating a safe space for you to not only work on yourself, but also, to enjoy yourself; to enjoy being you, in your own skin, no matter your shape or size!