Children’s Rose, Clear Quartz and Lava Crystal Healing Bracelet

Children’s clear and rose quartz crystal healing / oil diffuser bracelet - 8mm beads.

Available in 4.5 to 6.5 inches.

Quartz is a master healer for any condition. It enhances energy, and protects against radiation. It also aids concentration.

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love and self love. It is beneficial for healing and friendships. The rose quartz also reduces tension, stress and helps to overcome trauma.

Lava stone is a grounding stone formed from volcanic eruptions. It has a calming energy and promotes stability.

Did you know that Lava stone beads can also be used as oil diffusers? Choose a pure essential oil, for example, Lavender or Peppermint oil and dilute. Then use a cotton bud or your finger to rub a small amount of oil onto the bead. Finally, give the oil a couple minutes to be absorbed.

Most of my bracelets include a lava stone, so that they can be used as oil diffusers.

Please note - Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years, due to small parts.

Colour: Pink, clear, black