Yasmin | Life & biz coach

Hi, my names Yasmin, known as Cycles breaker + Thriving coach

I am the founder of Let’s Pattern Coaching Ltd

I specialize in breaking generational toxic cycles alongside mindset shift work, through
selflove & personal development & business

I’m a professional & passionate accredited coach that supports men and women to break cycles, heal and transform in to their authentic self, through self love & personal development, finding their purpose and go from surviving to thriving.

I use my professional and life experiences to help others overcome their trauma, change their mindset and perspective, and rediscover themselves.

My professional life to date has been uniquely varied and it is precisely because of my varied expertise, career, life transitions and experiences that I am able to empathically understand my clients.

My background is within the NHS sector such as mental health, CBT Psychology, counselling and now currently, Trauma Recovery work within the legal and corporate sectors.

I can guarantee you I’ve certainly encountered my own fair share of professional and personal successes and challenges and I’ve even learnt to enjoy riding the waves.

I have 12+ years’ experience working in local authority as a professional and 5 years as a presenter, events manager, and entrepreneur

Fun fact:
I spent the first 27 years of my life ruled by fear, fear of failure, of success, of judgement…you name it…I had it. As a result I was ticking boxes, doing ‘just enough’ and was playing it safe. I wasn’t fulfilled

5 years and going I’m free and pursuing my passion with purpose and now have since created a life of freedom and fulfilment, I have two businesses that I love and I have left my 9-5!

As a certified coach I am determined to help as many people do just the same!
From Entrepreneurs to Executives to recording artists you name it.

Every client has a different story and experience. Therefore, I see it as incredibly important to offer a bespoke, affordable service and to tailor the coaching to my client’s individual needs rather than offering a ‘one size fits all approach’

If you’re wondering what I’m like to work with?

Well let’s just say, I coach with authenticity, creativity, professionalism, empathy, sparks of humour, with positive motivational energy and I say it how it is !

As my clients say, I am an incredible cheerleader, and with that comes with assertiveness and determination as my goal is to see my clients succeed.

I am here to offer you the tools and shift your mindset and lifestyle to accommodate you and your journey.

Get in touch, if you feel its time to take the next steps to investing in your freedom

Thank you for stopping by and look forward to connecting with you

Yasmin | Cycles Breaker + Thrive coach
Lets Pattern Coaching

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