Gretchen Sandiford

My name is Gretchen Sandiford.
I enjoy making as an Artist. My work is produced in a variety of mediums such as handcrafted folk art jewelry; sewing; collage, figurative and abstract works; painting and drawing in various mediums; prints of Church doll toys; patchwork; batiks; tie-dye and greetings cards.
The majority of my elders migrated to Britain in the early 1950s from the Caribbean. Their African Caribbean diaspora influences shaped my perspective of life. Environment, culture, clothes they wore, the foods they ate. Their history and culture surrounded me like a warm protective coat. I loved their songs and stories of back home. My own story is of blended cultures; a child of the ‘Windrush generation’. My childhood was born and living in Chapeltown and surrounding areas of Leeds with its great exposure to global influences. These influences lead me to find more about myself. My own history, my own culture. It is from this background I produce, Zillion Art and Crafts, this is the name of my page on FaceBook .

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