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Thank you so much - the body butters arrived on Friday, as you said are absolutely gorgeous!

I wore the ylang-ylang + lavender yesterday and it goes on like a dream. No stickiness or residue and the smell is divine. In fact I have a little dermatitis on my torso and it seems to have calmed it right down.

Also, a little really does go a long, long way. Even with daily use, your 200ml jar is on course to outlast my usual off the counter 300ml jar of body butter, by a mile! So hats off to you for such incredible value for money.

I’m looking forward to using my favourite fragranced body butter today Lemongrass + Frankincense. Can’t wait!

Thank you again, I can highly recommend your products and your level of service and I’ve even shared on my Facebook page.

Highly recommended!

Thanks very much, I will definitely be ordering again.